Issue 11

In this issue: Kittie Belltree, Viola Canales, Thomas Chadwick, Thomas Clark, Tim Cooke, David Cooke, Kelly Creighton, Gillian Eaton, Richard Gwyn, Maggie Harris, Carly Holmes, Rosalind Hudis,Helen Ivory, Sarah James, Tony Kendrew, Keely Laufer, Jack Little, Pippa Little, C.M. Mayo, Dan MacIsaac, Ann McGarry, Katrina Naomi, Ian Parks, Bethany W. Pope, Bethany Rivers, George Sandifer-Smith, Eric Dreyer Smith, Jayne Stanton, Will Teather, Clara Walker, Rhys Owain Williams, Phil Wood, Clark Zlotchew.


One response to “Issue 11”

  1. The Review is certainly a beautiful publication.

    It contains a wide variety of excellent poetry and prose. Great.

    And the cover, the paper, the printing, no commercial ads… All this adds up to great reading experience. Good going, Lampeter!

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