Issue 16

issue 16
In this issue: Ruth Baker, Alex Barr, Byron Beynon, Mark Blayney, Rosey Brown, Natalie Chapman, Helen Cook, Salvatore Difalco, Mari Ellis Dunning, Menna Elfyn, Elizabeth Gibson, Adrew Hanson, Chris Hardy, Kate Hendry, Geoffrey Heptonstall, Christopher Hollis, Joseph Hutchison, Mike Jenkins, Eluned Jones, Tyler Keevil, Tony Kendrew, Wes Lee, Teige Maddison, Nicholas McGaughey, Morfudd Owen, D.N.J. Palmer, Bethany W Pope, clare e. potter, Abigail Staniforth, Jayne Stanton, Laila Sumpton, Becky Tipper, Rebecca Trick-Walker, Julia Webb, Heidi Williamson, Phil Wood, Heather Hallberg Yanda.


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