Issue 5




On this issue: Dennis O’driscoll, David Calcutt, Christopher Barnes, Samantha Wynne-Rydderch, Tyler Keevil, John Freeman, Menna Elfyn, Dic Edwards, Haris Karoutsos, George Szirtes, John Lavin, Paul Henry, Saul Hughes, William Weil, Gillian Eaton, Michael Oliver, Elsie Dafis, Rhys Milsom, Richie Mcaffrey, Claire Dyer, Rosalind Hudis, Mark Blayney, Aidan Flanagan, Vanessa Gebbie, Andrew Wynne-Owen, Jennifer Copley



2 responses to “Issue 5”

  1. Amy Wack says:

    Hi, enjoyed this mag! Nice poems by Paul Henry, Samantha Rhydderch, and others. Some good fiction too.

  2. marilyn mileham says:

    Gillian Eaton is the most talented person on the planet!

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