Issue 7




On this issue: Davina Allinson, Mark Blayney, Aidan Flanagan, Edward Bond, Chris Cornwell, Katy Darby, Gerald Dawe, Luned Desimon, Dic Edwards, Martina Evans, Alan Flanders, Kathryn Gray, Devin Harrison, Geoffrey Heptonstall, Jeremy Hooker, Cynan Jones, Marian Delyth, Tony Kendrew, John Lavin, Hannah Lowe, Roy Marshall, Alison Moore, Sue Moules, Kate Murray, Kate North, Amanda Oosthuizen, Michael Oliver-Semenov, Valerie Sirr, Robin Smith, Anna Somerset, Katherine Stansfield, Christina Thatcher, Roisin Tierney, Susie Wild, Dennis O’Driscoll

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  1. […] to. A remarkable debut collection which comes highly recommended. ‘Overnight Stop’ (The Lampeter Review issue 7) ‘Sleeping Under the Stars’ (The Nottingham Short Story Anthology 2012) […]

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